20 Lb. 32% 1/4 Floating Bulk Koi Food

20 Lb. 32% 1/4 Floating Bulk Koi Food Description

Bulk Floating Pellet Fishfood for Ponds, Koi and Lg. CichlidsThis great bulk fish food is perfect for: * Koi * Large Goldfish * Oscars * Arowana * Pacu * Catfish * Any large fish!Pellet size is approximatley 1/4′. Perfect for fingerlings yet still fine for the largest fish you will feed. 99.5% of the food will float. Will not cloud the water! Your fish will LOVE this food, but feed only what they will consume in 10 minutes. Feed twice a day. Fish will consume more when the water temperature is 70-85 degrees (for pond fish).Guaranteed Analysis:Crude Protein…..Min. 32.0%Crude Fat………..Min. 4.0%Crude Fiber……..Max. 8.5%Phosphorus……..Min. 0.9%Ingredients: Grain products, plant protein products, processed grain by-products, procine meat and bone meal, poultry fat, Vitamin A supplement , Vitamin D3 supp.ement, Vitamin E supplement, Riboflavin supplement, Niacin supplement, calcum panthothenate, folic acid, menadione sodium bleufite complex, biotin, thiamine, pyridoxine hydrochloride, asorbic acid, salt manganous oxide, ferrous sulfate, copper chloride magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, ethlenediamine dlhydriodide, cobalt carbonate, potassium chloride.

20 Lb. 32% 1/4 Floating Bulk Koi Food how to buy

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