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400 Watt 20000K Metal Halide Bulb – German Radium, Mogul Base

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400 Watt 20000K Metal Halide Bulb – German Radium, Mogul Base Description

Wattage:400.0 Watts Radium& 20000K metal halide bulb offers excellent coloration and good& intensity.& It is& crisp-white with a strong& blue tint. It brings out the fluorescent pigments in& corals nicely.& Fluorescent supplementation& is usually not necessary, but can be used for added intensity and to simulate dawn and dusk. An electronic ballast, magnetic pulse-start ballast or magnetic HQI ballast is required to ignite this bulb.& This bulb is white with a blue tint on a magnetic HQI ballast. It& will burn more blue on an electronic ballast& or pulse-start ballast. An excellent choice for& reef tanks 18′ or deeper.Common questions/problems concerning metal halide lamps: Metal halide lamps of the same kind are different colors?Metal halide lamps operate by passing an electric arc through an arc tube that excites particles in the arc tube. When the metal particles reach an excited state they emit energy in the form of visible light. It takes 100 hours of operation before the metal particles stabilize and become a consistent color. All metal halides require 100 hours of operation before color and light output stabilize. All metal halides inherently have a slight color variation between individual lamps. The metal halide lamp fires and then either burns dull or the arc extinguishes?Usually the ballast and lamp are not receiving enough power. Metal halides pull a high current. Usually the problem is either there is too great a load on the circuit or the extension cords are of a small wire size and can`t handle the power needed by the ballast. Use only heavy duty extension cords and try running a ballast off a circuit from another part of the house. Do I need a cover shield between the lamp and the aquarium?Metal halide lamps produce a large amount of UV and also have a potential of exploding. The single ended metal halide lamps have an outer jacket which eliminates most of the UV. However, they have an inherent risk of exploding a

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