Centaur Egusin 250 Pellets (10 lbs)

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Centaur Egusin 250 Pellets (10 lbs) Description

EGUSIN 250 alfalfa pellets is a natural dietetic feed supplement for horses that has been demonstrated to be beneficial in promoting a healthy stomach and an aid in preventing the destruction of the stomach lining associated with gastrointestinal disorders. It contains a combination of ingredients that not only addresses the primary causes of gastrointestinal disturbances but also avoids their recurrence. Easy to administer, no waste dustless top dress in a palatable formulation is mixed into feed concentrate. Contains dietetic soluble fibers, which improve intestinal function. Does not contain any drugs or prohibited substances. The 10lb. pail is a 21day supply for one horse. All food is shipped ground delivery. Please allow 7 to 12 days for your delivery to arrive. Please note, we do not ship pet food internationally. For more shipping info click here.

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