Farnam Vita Plus Feed Supplement

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Farnam Vita Plus Feed Supplement Description

Farnam(R) Vita Plus(R) Complete Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Farnam(R) Vita Plus(R) meets the demands of today’s equine athletes, show horses, breeding stock, and young, growing horses. It contains virtually every beneficial nutritional ingredient, including polyunsaturates for skin and hair condition, plus a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals to keep your horse in peak condition. Feel confident you’re supplying virtually every beneficial nutritional ingredient necessary to support your horse’s condition and performance. Features: Equine daily multi-vitamin Comes in pellet form Contains polyunsaturates for skin and hair condition, plus a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals Essential nutrients for all ages and breeds Item Specifications: Sizes: 3 lb. 7 lb. 20 lb. Dosage: Maintenance Dose = 2 scoops (2 oz.) daily Divide the daily dosage into two feedings – one in the morning and one again in the evening. Sprinkle the proper amount over the feed or mix with the ration. Adult Horses: 2 oz. per day Foals, Weanlings, Ponies: 1 oz. per day Broodmares: 4 oz. per day Guaranteed Analysis per 2 oz. / per lb.: Crude Protein (min.): 10.0% / 10.0% Lysine: 0.50% / 0.50% Methionine 0.20% / 0.20% Crude Fat (min.): 8.00% / 8.00% Crude Fiber (max.): 12.00% 12.00% Calcium (min.): 638mg / 2.25% Calcium (max.): 780mg / 2.75% Phosphorous (min.): 425mg / 1.50% Salt (min.): 567mg / 2.00% Salt (max.): 709mg / 2.50% Potassium (min.): 241mg / 0.850% Magnesium (min.): 12.5mg / 0.044% >Iodine (min.): 1mg / 35 ppm Zinc (min.): 20mg / 705 ppm Iron (min.): 100mg / 3,527 ppm Cobalt (min.): 0.05mg / 18 ppm Copper (min.): 4.0mg / 141 ppm Manganese (min.): 10mg / 300 ppm Selenium (min.): 10mcg / 0.4 ppm Vitamin A (min.): 25,000 IU / 400,000 IU Vitamin D3 (min.): 2,500 IU / 40,000 IU Vitamin E (min.): 25 IU / 400 IU Vitamin B12 (min.): 200mcg / 3,200mcg Riboflavin (min.): 25mg / 400mg d-Pantothenic Acid: 62.5mg / 1,000mg Thiamine: 12.5mg / 200mg Niacin (min.): 125mg / 2,000mg Vitamin B6 (

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