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Gain Express Digital 1999mV ORP Pentype Redox Meter

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Gain Express Digital 1999mV ORP Pentype Redox Meter Description

Measurements of ORP are fundamental to water and liquid quality, and this pocket ORP meteroffer high reliability and accuracy at a very affordable price. It measure theamount of Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) level in a solution. ORP is a tendencyof the solution to either gain or lose electrons. Oxidation is definedas the loss of electrons in a molecule, atom or ion. An oxidizing agent (e.g.Chlorine and Ozone) is a substance that acquires electrons in a Redox reaction.ORP is a potential which is measured in millivolts (mV). The more positive theORP value, the greater the power of water disinfection, thus the faster the microorganismis killed (oxidized). ORP or Oxidation Reduction Potentialis commonly used in measurement of Water Disinfection and is correlated with thequality and purity of water. This meter allows calibration and offers highly reliablemeasurements and has a wide range of applications in Aquarium, Hydroponics, Spas,Swimming pools and other water systems. Features: Large LCD display with highly accurate readings Pocket-size and portable design Easy to use and provides instant display of results Specifications: Measuring range : 0 to -/+ 1000mV Accuracy: ±5mV Resolution : 1mV LCD Display : 4 Digits Operating Temperature : 0 – 50°C(0 – 122°F) Calibration : Manual using the includedmini-screw driver Power Supply : 2 x 3V (CR2032) ButtonCell Battery (included) Size : approx. 150 x 27 x 20mm(5.91′ x 1.06′ x 0.79′ inch) Weight : approx. 48g Set Includes: 1 x ORP meter 1x Mini Screwdriver 1 x English Instruction Manual Standard Factory Package

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