Herbal Bute Naturally Bute Alternative for Horses

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Herbal Bute Naturally Bute Alternative for Horses Description

Size:3lb Herbal Bute Naturally for horses works as an herbal alternative to ‘bute’ and cortisone. The 100% natural ingredients well known for their ability to provide fast, reliable and powerful pain relief as well as having anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic benefits. Herbal Bute can be used safely as a substitute to ‘bute’. Herbal Bute contains Devil’s Claw which is reputed to have two main effects – analgesic (painkilling) and anti-inflammatory. It’s analgesic properties are not controversial A laboratory in France has obtained results that show a 78% reduction in pain using Devil’s Claw. Devil’s Claw has high concentrations of a chemical compound called harpogoside, which reduces inflammation in the joints. Other active constituents have analgesic properties. It also contains polyphenols and flavonoids, which are antioxidants. Devils Claw is often used in the healing of degenerative bone disease, developmental orthopedic disease, tendon and ligament damage, navicular and joint injury. At recommended dosages this herb has relatively little side effects. It is a bitter herb so it can increase gastric secretions and would not be suitable if gastric ulcers are suspected. White Willow The anti-inflammatory properties of the bark of the White Willow have been fully understood for all of mankind’s recorded history. White Willow Bark contains Salicylic Acid, the component of Aspirin. The modern Aspirin was “discovered” simply by analyzing the white willow bark and separating out one of the many medicinal ingredients. This ingredient was then synthesized, patented, and became aspirin. Equine joints take a lot of wear, tear and stress and sometimes need extra help. Horse owners who have used this herbal remedy have reported measurable improvement in their horse’s joint and muscle movement.

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