Hoofjack Standard Horse Size Farrier Hoof Stand Pink

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Hoofjack Standard Horse Size Farrier Hoof Stand Pink Description

The Standard Hoofjack will accommodate a pony up to a small draft or draft cross (hooves up to a size 7). If your horse is unshod and you are uncertain of its shoe size, measure across the widest part of the hoof. If the hoof is less than 7 3/4′ you will want to order the Standard or Medium Hoofjack. The Standard Hoofjack consists of one standard base with two magnets, one standard cradle, and one straight post with standard rubber cap. The standard base is made of linear polyethylene which is 12′ in height and has a base diameter of 18′. Overall height adjustment is 14′ – 22′. Two strong 90 lb. pull magnets are included to hold your rasp, nippers, or hoof knife close at hand. The molded base material comes with a three year warranty against horse breakage. USES Supports the hoof for daily care, treatment, bandaging, and more Eliminates the need to put the hoof between your knees or support the horses weight with your body Take your mind off your back and knees and put it back into your work. Pull a shoe, trim, rasp, and nail on a new shoe without ever putting the hoof between your knees or supporting the horse with your body The solution for the leaning horse – let the horse lean on the stand and not on you Accommodates older horses with a limited range of motion Allows the horse to stand in an anatomically correct and comfortable position. A comfortable horse will be more compliant making your job easier and safer. The cradle and straight post can be used on both the front and hind feet meaning you never have to support the weight of the horse with your hands or your body again Use the straight post for clipping or applying hoof polish Apply and remove studs with ease.

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