inTank Media Basket for JBJ Nano Cube 28

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inTank Media Basket for JBJ Nano Cube 28 Description

inTank aquarium-specific designed Media Baskets help improve the filtration and clarity of your aquarium while making maintenance extremely easy. What once was a dreaded chore of chaining filters and diving into the aquarium is now made easy utilizing a 4-Sided Tower Design system. Up to 65% larger than the stock, super low-quality filtration ‘basket’ Fits in center chamber under water intake • Keeps rear chambers clean and promotes clear water • Forces water through filtration media and not just around it • Updated: No more stay hold pieces! Laser cut aquarium safe neoprene friction pads helps keep the basket under the intake channel • Features bent acrylic wings – Basket hangs on the baffle walls • Media Basket is four sided with one being a removable door for easy and fast filter changes • Tall rear wall prevents water from escaping, forcing it down and through the Media Basket • Features a three shelf design with side-bottom flow holes • Easy installation and removal without getting your hands wet • Makes filtration easy, made of high quality USA manufactured acrylic • Fits all current JBJ Nano Cube 28 aquarium models 12′ Tall 4-1/4′ Wide 2-3/8′ Deep

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