Mame Overflow

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Mame Overflow Description

MAME DESIGN draws from the tradition of Japanese minimalism to produce an aquarium overflow that it is pure and clutter-less. Designed with an emphasis on functional beauty the overflow is striped down to its most fundamental parts and formed from glass. The MAME overflow allows for the use of a sump so you can keep all the equipment in your tank hidden out of site while increasing the overall water volume. Add equipment like dosing pumps, automatic top off, skimmers and heaters without detracting from the appearance of the display tank. It is rated for flow rates between 90-180 gph/360-720 lph and should the siphon break due to a power outage or otherwise it can automatically recover by itself. Each MAME DESIGN overflow is handmade in Japan by skilled glass workers. The overflow is formed from crystal clear borosilicate glass, the same material used to make high end lab equipment. Japanese glass craftsmen carefully hand finish each MAME overflow to the highest standards with smooth edges and attention to the smallest details. ■ Helps increase gas exchange in the water. ■ Suitable for fresh or saltwater. ■ Adjustable height and outlet position. ■ Automatically removes air from the siphon. ■ Automatically recovers from power outages. ■ Separates into five easy pieces to make cleaning a breeze. ■ For larger tanks use two in conjunction (for up to 200L). A corresponding number of return pumps is required. ■ Unique self starting mechanism makes it one of the most reliable hang on back overflows available. ■ Please use a return pump of at least 528G/h or 2000L/h for the automatic recovery feature to work correctly. Some compatible pumps include Rio Plus 3100HP Maxi-Jet 3000 Utility Pump Tunze silence 1073.20 Eheim compact 2000

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