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Marineland Double Bright LED Light

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Marineland Double Bright LED Light Description

Size:18- to 24-Inch Product Description Double Bright LED Lighting System Equivalent to Two Flourescant Tubes Enhance the Beauty of Your Aquatic Landscape with Illumination The Marineland Double Bright LED Lighting System is the perfect solution for bringing color and high definition to your underwater environment. Bulky power hungry light fixtures are a thing of the past because the Marineland Double Bright LED reinvents traditional aquarium lighting making it easier and more attractive for you and your habitat. The sleek and modern design complements its slim stylized lighting profile providing even illumination, while the adjustable mounting legs are constructed to accommodate a variety of aquarium sizes. Its convenient side-mounted three-mode on/off switch allows you a variety of lighting options including daytime, lunar and off positions. Three Light Modes Replicate Natural Light The Marineland Double Bright LED Lighting System provides a vibrant and natural looking light that glistens and creates shadows throughout the water adding depth and dimension to your tank’s interior. In addition, the Double Bright LED has a specifically designed Polycarbonate lens to focus light output and to protect LED light bulbs. LED technology showcases breath-taking shimmering light effects that simulate sunlight dancing underwater. Use the 1-watt white and 60mW blue LED’s together to mimic the light of the sun or switch to the solitary blue luminescence setting to replicate the moonlight glow of lunar illumination. Energy Efficient The Marineland Double Bright LED Lighting System is powered by 1-watt and 60mW energy saving LED’s that are designed to provide a higher output than typical fluorescent types and do not require any bulb replacement. Each system is rated for 17,000 hours of life for a long-lasting light. The entire lighting unit is powered by a single low voltage AC cord to use less energy, save money, and help protect the environment. Unlike their flourescent bulb counterparts, LED lights do not contain mercury and therefore don’t require any special disposal. Stylish Profile Stylish and Sturdy Blue and White LEDs Marineland’s Double Bright LED System is safe, reliable, efficient, and stylish.  With a sleek design and modern profile, the Double Bright stays cool to the touch and produces little noise while remaining visually appealing.  The LED system is designed to avoid heating the tank, keeping your fish safe and comfortable, while the extendable arms ensure a firm and stable position above any tank size. The Right Double Bright For You Model 1 watt White LEDs 60 mW Blue LEDs Lumens 18′-24′ 6 3 450 24′-36′ 8 4 600 36′-48′ 18 8 1200 48′-60′ 24 12 1800 Marineland’s LED Lighting Systems Single Bright LED Lighting System Double Bright LED Lighting System Reef Capable LED Lighting System Type of Aquarium Freshwater Freshwater Freshwater and Saltwater Lighting Modes Day and Night Day and Night Day and Night Lighting System 60mW White and Blue LED 1 watt White and 60 mW Blue LED 1 watt White and Blue LED Effect Shimmer Shimmer Shimmer Product Lifespan 17,000 Hours 17,000 Hours 50,000 Hours TetraCare® Sign up for TetraCare® to help you be successful in your fish keeping endeavor. This is a totally free program with the purchase of these aquarium systems and provides on-line and over the phone support. Once you register, you’ll receive specially timed e-mails to guide you through the first six months of your aquarium experience and beyond. Free direct access to our TetraCare Team is just a phone call away. Just call 1-800-423-6458. Help is available seven days a week.

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