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Nemo Light Aqua Marine Aquarium Controllable LED Light

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Nemo Light Aqua Marine Aquarium Controllable LED Light Description

Size:18w Clip On NemoLight Aqua Marine 18w Clip On LED Light The pinnacle in high quality aquarium lighting NemoLight LED Fixture offers the perfect balance of beauty and power. Its sleek aluminum unibody construction helps to efficiently dissipate heat generated by the powerful LED lights without the need of a noisy fan. Measuring in at just 1/2′ thick. Our corals, anemones and invertebrates need lightings that are powerful and can provide sufficient intensity & proper spectrum. With 4 different colors of LED`s diodes, the NemoLight puts out the proper spectrum of lighting for photosynthesis. The NemoLight also offers up to 50% more light than its competition to ensure proper health and growth of the corals and invertebrates in your saltwater reef tank. A simple and convenient controller is built-in to allow you to customize the lighting schedule and intensity to your exacting needs. An adjustable clamp-on bracket is also include for installation. Features – Unibody design with full aluminium housing – Thin sleek modern design saves space – Adjustable sliding bracket on the end of each fixture – Easily program different light cycles such as sunrise and sunset – Conveniently change the brightness using the user-friendly in-built controller – Quiet, Fanless design – Theatrical Thunderstorm Feature – designed only using the highest quality materials – One Year Manufacturers Warranty Product Specifications Brand: NemoLight Power: 18w Warranty: One Year Manufacturers Warranty Adjustable Brackets: Yes White Channel: 6 x 12000k, 7 x 8000k,  2 x 630nm, 1 x 525nmBlue Channel: 11 x 470nm, 10 x 440nm

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