Rustic Wooden Pine Saddle Rack W/Tray

Rustic Wooden Pine Saddle Rack W/Tray Description

Easy assembly / instructions included Tools needed: phillips head screwdriver Our saddle racks are sturdy enough to be in a show room, stylish enough to be in your living area, and durable enough to be in your tack room. Our saddle racks are made of solid hardwood. There are no veneers in this quality product. If you think your saddle is pretty now, wait till you display it on this beautiful saddle rack! You will enjoy the addition of a quality piece of furniture to your home to display your prized saddle. It’s the perfect resting place for that hard-earned trophy saddle or an elegant reward for your favorite saddle. A saddle rack, or stand, does more than just provide a place to keep a saddle. It also helps the saddle maintain the proper shape and provide space for other related tack such as bridles, halters, cinches and grooming supplies. Western Saddles need to have a more angular surface to properly support the tree. The Stand must also be wide enough so the fenders and skirting do not begin to curl and lose their shape. Each stand will hold over 300 pounds, so this makes it great for trying out saddles . Proper Saddle Storage: Humidity can be a problem, making more chance for mold and mildew on the leather. It should be indoors out of the weather, and it may or may not need to be covered to protect it from dust. Most cowboys and ranchers don’t worry about a little dust, they’ll just dust it off when they go to use it. It’s more important to have the leather in good condition. For long-term storage, we recommend cleaning the saddle first and giving it a light coat of oil, then leaving it on a good saddle stand.. Solid 3/4′ solid lumber Finish sanded and ready to be stained or painted All screw holes are countersunk Bottom shelf for your grooming tools and supplies Dimensions: 24’L x 16’W x 32’H Furniture quality construction Easy assembly / instructions included Tools needed: phillips head screwdriver

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