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Sicce Filtration Description

Shark ADV offers three internal filters with an exclusive design including a venturi system. A modular system with the possibility of adding one or more filtering compartments to increase the filtration capacity or to carry out specific water treatments, the Shark ADV has a patented quick uncoupling system (MCS System) which guarantees fast and easy maintenance and a perfect seal of the filtering bodies with the pump. Features: · 136 gallons per hour · 7 watts · 2 year warranty · For use on fresh and salt water aquariums · Venturi System with a sophisticated suction to improve oxygenation · Revolving pump head for correct direction water flow · Extra-strong 4 suction cups · 210cm cubed modular cartridge for extra filtration up to 170gr ceramic rings · Transparent mechanical filter body for easier control · Revolutionary patent enhances maintenance and cleaning actions, thanks to the new, exclusive connection system. Part #s: SSP0001 White Sponges -20PPI (2pcs) SKT0001 Modular Cartridge with sponge SSP0009 Blue Sponge 10ppi (2pcs)+ White Sponge 20ppi (1pc) SVE0001 Suckers (2 pcs) SKT0018 Glass complete with regulation and two sponges SVE0018 New Suckers (4pcs) SVE0019 New Suckers (4pcs) + Filter Support SHARK ADV. 400 R52103 Impeller SHARK ADV. 600 R52105 Impeller SHARK ADV. 800 90036 Impeller SHARKS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5(previous model) 90566/A Carbon cartridge(1 pc) 90567/A Modular sponge in box (1pc).

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