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Slow Bale Buddy (Large)

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Slow Bale Buddy (Large) Description

Slow Bale Buddy – Large Size We are pleased to introduce the SLOW BALE BUDDY The perfect solution for feeding horses round and square bales of all sizes. Made of soft, strong knotless nylon netting with 1 1/2 inch openings, and fastened with a special safety fastener, it completely encloses the bale so that the horses must pull the hay through the holes in the netting to eat. Waste is completely eliminated. Aggressive and anxious horses are calmed by having to graze and forage for their hay. Overweight horses will walk away from the hay without overeating, helping to normalize weight. Slow feeding benefits most horses and is the most natural way to feed. The Slow Bale Buddy is available in four sizes: Mini will hold one small square bale Small will fit round bales up to 4 feet 4 inches in diameter and 4 feet high and will hold 6 to 8 small square bales. Medium will fit round bales up to 5 feet in diameter and 4 feet high and will hold 10 to 12 small square bales or 1/2 large square bale. Large will fit round bales up to 6 feet in diameter and 4 feet high and will hold 16 small square bales or 1 large square bale. If you are feeding large or small squares size should be chosen depending on how often you wish to replenish your horse’s hay supply. While not for use with shod horses unless used in conjunction with another feeder, the Slow Bale Buddy is completely safe for use with all horses, (even minis) as the holes are too small to get caught in. When given a choice between free fed hay and the Slow Bale Buddy in field tests, most horses preferred to eat from the Slow Feeder. The Slow Bale Buddy is a Patented Small Mesh Hay Net (SMHN) made of woven knotless nylon netting. Nylon is extremely strong and abrasion resistant and also naturally resistant to UV rays. Because of nylons natural stain resistance, the Slow Bale Buddy will wash up bright and clean at the end of the hay feeding season. Our Slow Feeders are designed to be soft on your animals nuzzl

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