SynChill Daily Horse Calming Pellets

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SynChill Daily Horse Calming Pellets Description

New. Now SynChill is available in a daily oral treat. SynChill Daily pellets provide a safe and easy way to help you and your horse deal with stressful situations. Like SynChill Oral Gel, SynChill Daily is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients developed for the horse that needs regular help coping with anxiety and nervousness. Supplementing daily helps the key ingredients reach the brain at a higher level and provide a more constant increase in brain serotonin. SynChill daily also incorporates L-theanine, which has an anxiolytic effect independent of brain serotonin production. L-theanine has been shown to reduce anxiety by enhancing hippocampal activity. These effects are associated with reduced glutamine and increased methionine in the cerebrospinal fluid and are in addition to the effects of 5-HTP. We consider this all-natural combination to be a synergistic approach promoting the feeling of well-being to the nervous or anxious horse. SynChill Daily is provided in a palatable alfalfa-based pellet, in a vacuum-packed 30 scoop pouch. Recommended supplementation is 1-2 scoops daily, 1-4 hours before stressful events. One scoop is the most typical supplementation level. Every horse has individual characteristics and personality. SynChill can help improve your horse’s sense of well-being and improve the horse-person relationship for both of you.

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