Uckele Gut Horse Supplement, 2-Pound

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Uckele Gut Horse Supplement, 2-Pound Description

Size:2lb pwdr ‘Equine Digestive Supplement This formula is specifically designed for horses with G.I. upset, and supports the health of the gastric tissue while maintaining a normal pH for optimal digestion. Training, travel, hay fluctuations or other changes in the normal, daily routine can upset your horse’s digestion. And problems with the digestive tract can sideline your horse just as quickly and severely as any lameness issue. Effective and Economical Support – POWDER GUT is a stomach and digestive support supplement that supports healthy stomach structure and function, helps maintain proper stomach acidity and pH balance for a healthy stomach and intestinal tract. GUT provides effective and economical support for horses prone to gastric upset and supports healthy cellular function throughout the GI tract. Highly palatable, even for the pickiest eaters, GUT supports the health of the gastric tissues without negatively affecting gastric acidity for normal digestion. This horse digestive supplement can support even the most sensitive equine GI tract for as little as 57 cents a day. GUT provides a broader, higher potency nutrient spectrum for total GI health with a time proven blend of pre and probiotics for support of healthy gut flora. GUT now provides soothing and protective Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm Bark and Aloe Vera Gel extract. GUT contains no aluminum, which many horse digestive supplements use to support a healthy acid or pH balance in the stomach. Aluminum can be toxic to horses and many horses are sensitive to it. ‘

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